2009년 12월 21일 월요일

Old Melbourne Gaol

I heard about this prison from my friend, He said " They treat you as a prison, even they use coarse languages to you!! " I got excited about that I could have some great experience. Yeah...
but It wasn't intense impact to me. The police guy was such a gentle man. I could do better than him.

A poor prisoner : you deserved it!!
On the second floor
The death mask of Ned Kelly

They arrested me charging for possessing illegal drugs

2009년 12월 18일 금요일

St.Kilda beach in Melbourne

Since I left Griffith, I have tried to get a city job in Melbourne. Heather and Lisa helped me a lot. It was not easy to get it. It reminded me of my first week in Australia. How was it?? Don't asked me. Got to think again that Money is not all of my life. It goes and comes. Now It doesn't matter anymore. I found out more valuable myself than me before. It might be one of the reasons why we should travel around the world.

Went to St. Kilda beach to relax my brain. It tends to break down, or get stuck at the moment : I know I get older. Damn it.

On the bridge, Look at the buildings behind.

Lots of boats
The street before the coast

An old man & Hot bikini babes.

2009년 7월 31일 금요일

2009년 7월 18일 토요일

Working in an Orange farm

As you wish, I got the first job in Australia. It has been a terrible but valuable moment since 2 months. In the end I did it!! I'm proud of myself a little bit at the moment. Now I show you guys what I exactly do here.
Sumar Produce, which is not a family name, the owner named this farm though I don't know what it means. Above all, this farm is too wide to see everything here. I realized that I need a car when I came to this farm. Actually, I didn't think I needed any car in Seoul, but Here...Cars are essential transportation ,and nobody denies that. I tried to get a driver license for getting a better position, there wasn't a lot of chance for strangers. I shall get the license in Korea after this trip!!
My duty is to pick oranges as fast as I can. It's so easy. Everybody can do this job. And we fill in a bin which can take 500 KG of oranges. I was slow at first day, but now I'm almost a professional picker now. Just pick pick pick!! that's all!!21 dollars per bin..honestly it's not high deal. I should have minimum 12 bins a day. Get tired everyday,but It's so peaceful ,and awesome to work with the scenery of the nature. You could understand if you saw this beautiful view around.

Here, enjoy the magnificent views in Griffith!!!

Stupid sheeps

Michele & Peter

Small River

Orange trees


Crazy Billy

2009년 6월 13일 토요일

In Griffith

It's been approximately 3 weeks since I came here.... don't still get any job yet. Too much conscious at the first week, but now I don't feel anything gloomy, cheerless or annoying. I think I overcame the circumstance, " HOME SICK "
In this Hostel, there are too many Korean people. At the moment there are only four native English speakers here. Well... this is NOT Australia. Just small korean island?, huh??Should leave soon after saving money for the other places. Not sure when it will be, but the weather here makes me fucking irritable!!! (I want to shout this sentence) It has been raining for 2 weeks.
Cars are esenssial to move to somewhere. In every state in Aussie land except the famous cities, it is too uncomfortable to move without them, and it is better for contracting to the owners of the farms. I didn't need the driver license in Seoul before. I might go to the driving academy directly as soon as I come back to In-chon airport.
I'm still waiting for the job, some mitht say " why don't you looking for it by yourself? " Actually I did!! Just realized that it was good for nothing here. The financial situation isn't good, but I will stay in this building until the glorious moment. Don't give up, should enjoy this mental pain.Afterwards, Everything shall be easier for me than before.
Don't complain this condition, just watch me doing what I want to do!!

2009년 5월 11일 월요일

Melbourne city

Finally...Here I come!!! It's been 3 days since I got here. Everything is still new. I just worry about getting used to this country well. It might be well as I wish.

Today, I went to the central city to apply my visa and bank account. It was quite tough,but I did them anyway. The officers and the clerks were very kind...even more than Korean people^^Maybe 'cause I love to listen to English accent. After then. Looked around the city for a long time. Let me show you guys some pictures.

Flinders Street Station

Me with Yarra river

Yarra river 1

Yarra river 2

2009년 4월 4일 토요일

The rebirth of the nature

Sunday Morning, I went up the mountain to smell the spring flavor. I couldn't see green leaves, but the spring wind touched my cheeks.

Korean forsythia I found on the path

We call this "Pal-gak-jung"

How can I call this? stream???

Korean rose bay

On the rock I read a book about the history of the navigation. The ancient scholars invented many things we can't mention. It caused my interest more and more.

Some people don't know that we are just tiny points in the world. When I see some of them, they wanted to walk on safe way as their parents do. Am I insane not to understand them?

The society makes them like that, but Human beings always dream!! We should get over, and fight against our limits!! Now I got a mission, " Understanding the world and Showing it my abilities " It's a little abstract. ha....

This is what I thought about on the rock.